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You, me, all of us! We are all capable of helping each other out. Everyone has a heart that is willing to help out those who are in need. Operation: Help The Homeless started off by the willingness of one person wanting to help someone in need. Isaac Pierce’s vision started back in 2010 when he felt something within him that just couldn’t be held in anymore. So one day he called upon a few friends to join his efforts to just make a difference in a few people. Isaac went out and collected everyday household items that he knew were very important to those who are out in the street. He called out to many of his contacts to see if they were willing to donate other items he was not able to attain himself. The day came when it was time to assemble the kits. That day 15-20 family and friends joined together to make his vision happen. After it was said and done 100 kits were assembled and ready to be given out on “SKID ROW” in Los Angeles, CA.
Our 2013 Homeless Summer Drive gave us the opportunity to see how far we have come from our first time efforts. This drive was very successful with many companies and people donating to this great cause. We assembled kits in a 10,000sq foot building, with over 400 volunteers for our 2 day event. Our goal was to provide 1000 Breakfast and Lunch meals plus quality kits and new shirts, but with our results said different. We were able to provide 1,900 Breakfast meals, 1,400 sack Lunches, 1,400 Quality Essential Kits, 1,400 Shirts, and we were able to hydrate over 2,900 homeless people. When people open their hearts, amazing things can happen!
With the help of some great Family, Friends and many Sponsors, we have grown in numbers and awareness beyond belief. Our vision is huge and we are looking forward to expanding our message of Love and Hope and being great examples in volunteering and giving our best to those who are in need of a better days. We create the best experience for any volunteer to impact their lives in learning to help and give. And we give our very best in helping people with the handshake and smile that they deserve. We are All Heart!!The video below shows the impact of our 2013 Homeless Drive.

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